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If CBD has helped me sleep better and monitor inflammation, I know it can work for everyone. The world needs to know about the benefits.

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Dr. Alex Capano, Chief Science Officer at Just Live, was the first ever doctoral candidate to focus on cannabinoid science. She pioneered the way for cannabinoid studies being the first to study comprehensive cannabinoid science at Thomas Jefferson University’s Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp.


CBD is a cannabinoid, which essentially means it’s an organic compound often found in hemp or cannabis plants, that signals to cell receptors throughout your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Having a remedy like CBD that can help relieve pain is so instrumental in my recovery and overall performance.

I find CBD works best when I use it in my nightly routine to get inflammation down and help me fall asleep.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and is just one of hundreds of cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants. You are likely familiar with the previously better known cannabinoid, THC. CBD has been known to provide pretty extensive therapeutic potential but without some of the down sides of THC such as intoxication, dizziness, paranoia, or anxiety.

I use CBD everyday to combat inflammation, it helps me get back on my board and to a place of rejuvenation.

Need help deciding which product is right for you? Check out our product guide to find a CBD product to fit your needs.

Her goal is to help people use CBD safely and effectively by educating consumers about topics such as benefits, delivery methods, formulations, dosing and how to find quality products.

Just Live’s CBD Sparkling Waters will include the refreshing flavors of Meyer Lemon, Cran-Raspberry, Lime with Mint, Clementine, Mixed Berry and Grapefruit. Each serving provides 25 mg of the highest quality, American grown hemp-derived CBD, using the latest emulsion technology to ensure the greatest efficacy per serving. All Just Live® products are THC-free, alcohol free and have no intoxicating attributes. Additionally, the company’s high-quality products are completely compliant, and are created via a fully transparent supply chain.

Just Live® products are available for purchase at justlive.com. Also visit @Justlive on Instagram, @justlivecbd on Twitter and @Justlivewellness on Facebook for more information.

About CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp.

Just Live is the first athlete owned performance CBD brand. Just Live is “Athlete Founded, Nature Grounded” and was created to help give athletes at any level the ability to perform and compete in life, pain free. Just Live offers all-natural, fully transparent, and completely compliant CBD products formulated and manufactured by the industry’s most reputable and reliable US-based CBD suppliers. For more information, visit justlive.com.

LOS ANGELES–( BUSINESS WIRE )– Just Live® has partnered with Vertical Wellness (soon to complete merger with CanaFarma [CSE: CNFA]) to introduce Just Live® CBD Sparkling Water . Continuing the company’s objective to provide fitness enthusiasts of all levels with a trusted source of natural alternatives, Just Live® will be rolling out its first product extension into the Sparkling Water category.

“With Just Live’s athlete, brand and product expertise and Vertical Wellness’s experience and leadership in the beverage industry, we are thrilled to introduce our first brand extension into CBD infused Sparkling Water,” said Kevin Meehan , Just Live CEO. “Since we introduced Just Live last year, we have received an enormous amount of positive feedback from our community about the benefits of CBD in their workouts, sleep and recovery efforts. The progression into the beverage category happened organically, if you will, and we developed a handful of great tasting flavors that deliver the benefits of CBD in a refreshing and hydrating Sparkling Water.”

Vertical Wellness is a leading vertically integrated consumer focused health and wellness brand company with innovative hemp cannabinoid solutions. Vertical Wellness’ mission is to help people by bringing the most innovative and effective portfolio of cannabinoid, health and wellness brands to the market. Vertical Wellness™ partnered with kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®) to produce CBD products, with the first brand release of kathy ireland® HEALTH & WELLNESS CBD Solutions™ coming in Fall 2021. Kathy Ireland is Chair, CEO, and Chief Designer of kiWW®, is named among the top 10 women’s health advocates in America according to UCLA and was recently listed as the 15th most powerful brand in the world by License Global Magazine. Other Vertical Wellness brands include AntiDos®, GoldQ®, Halogenix Beauty™, Hemp-Moji™, Just Live®, Lap Dog™, Neutrate Fitness™, Organic Candy Factory®, Par5™, Taos®, Wingra Farms™ and USMCC™. Vertical Wellness has operations in California and Kentucky.

“We believe cannabis infused beverages will be one of the most important form factors for consumers,” said Smoke Wallin , CEO of Vertical Wellness, incoming CEO at CanaFarma and a long-time beverage industry leader. Wallin continued, “There is no brand in the market with this kind of athlete driven support. I couldn’t be more excited to launch Just Live CBD Sparkling Waters with our national distribution partners into our key retailer and hospitality partners in select markets.”

About Vertical Wellness™

Just Live continues to expand its community across different sports and wellness circles, reinforcing its commitment to helping people find a form of safe and natural recovery that supports both physical and mental well-being.

About Just Live®

CanaFarma Hemp Products Corp. is a full-service company operating in the hemp industry offering a full range of hemp-related products and services to the consumer wellness market. These products and services include growing top-quality hemp, providing hemp-processing services, and offering hemp-based products to consumers utilizing a well-established direct-to-consumer marketing approach.