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one more brand i know that fulfill those 2 points is from Calm By Wellness Co. that i am personally taking for my anxiety problem. i ordered 500mg bottle and taking around 30mg per day once every night and it really helping me out and even it tastes very well.

New to the community, so I may have missed discussions about the company. But Koi is huge here in TN, most CBD shops here have Koi as a major selling point for their shops. I’m just wondering what you all think of their products? How quality are their products? Anything a newbie should know before investing in their oil?

Specifically I’ve started with this at 250mg (I decided to start using CBD after quitting drinking, and to manage anxiety)

That brand really looking legit , they featured they will give you lab tested and THC free CBD. Those 2 things are really important to check before buying CBD that it must be.

Properly backed by Science and research.

Do you feel like it’s helped with the drinking thing? Severe alcoholic here, I’ve been using alcohol to self-medicate for anxiety to the point where I was severely dehydrated and vomiting blood. I just started using CBD again after a bad experience a while back with the Hemp Bombs brand that scared me off all CBD for over a year. I’m really hoping this helps with the alcohol problem.

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I haven't really had that great of an experience with it personally. I have the Blue 500mg one, use it straight in my Aspire Breeze.

I wasn't a fan of Koi because of the price and also it gave me headaches at time and I began cbd oil to help with migraines so it was pretty much a loss. I've used cbdMD vape oil in 1000mg and can say it's helped more than any other brand that I've tried.

We have been using KOI brand CBD. 1000mg via vaping. is this a good brand? I wanted to ask the community. my husband sees good results but I’m not feeling the same. Thanks!

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The effects if any (can't seem to tell if it's placebo or not) don't last very long and I get a dizzy feeling if I continue to vape more. I don't know if it's the PG/VG or what. I don't have that issue with another vape pen that uses MCT oil,