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“The most important thing to do [to prep for the Victoria’s Secret Show] is to sleep eight hours the night before,” Ambrosio told Well + Good. “It’s hard because the mind gets anxious, so I try CBD oil, and I think it helps.”

London, best known as the host of TLC’s What Not to Wear , also isn’t a huge fan of painkillers. As someone who is sensitive to the side effects of the medication, London sought an alternative for her pain and psoriatic arthritis, which led her to CBD products. “I am not a fan of prescription painkillers though they were kinda unavoidable after spine surgery,” she wrote on her Instagram. “I am so sensitive to medication the side effects were awful. But this product helped me off of them in 10 days. I never looked back.”

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Alessandra Ambrosio.

To make sure that she gets as much as sleep as she can on planes, Johnson keeps CBD drops with her. After dripping a couple drops on her tongue, Johnson is lights out and fully energized by the time she lands. “I try to knock myself out on planes; otherwise my whole world falls apart,” Johnson told Elle.

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To keep her calm, Philipps is known to keep CBD edibles on hand. Her favorite are Lord Jones’s high-CBD gumdrops ($45) and chocolates ($30), which she documented herself eating on an Instagram story in January after her flight was delayed. “My plane is delayed an hour but I took @thelordjones, so it’s OK,” Philipps wrote.

Sleep is Ambrosio’s secret weapon before the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. To make sure that she gets her full eight hours, the model uses some CBD oil before bed to calm her anxiety. She also drinks CBD water from Los Angeles’s Kreation Organic Juicery for an extra cannabis-powered boost.

Containing vitamin E, omega fatty acids and other compounds to ease pain and chill vibes, CBD is becoming a popular beauty ingredient for celebrities who need a little extra something in their skin care. Whether stars are using it to help them out after a long night of wearing heels on a red carpet or to relax their muscles after hours of intense stunts and workouts, there’s no question that CBD is having a major moment. Find out how celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Alessandra Ambrosio use the ingredient ahead.

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Olivia Wilde.

CBD is having a moment in Hollywood. The ingredient, also known as cannabinoid, is an oil derived from hemp plants (not hemp seeds) and is found in both marijuana and hemp plants. Unlike marijuana, CBD is legal in all 50 states, likely because of THC. But lately the oil has been making its way around the beauty world as one of Hollywood’s newest obsessions.

Wilde is also a fan of Lord Jones’s CBD lotion ($50). In an interview with The New York Times, the actor said that she started using the product after her muscles and body ached from a play on Broadway. She saw it as a better alternative to painkillers.

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Being on your feet for hours at an awards’ show or a red carpet sounds excruciatingly painful, especially when you’re wearing sky-high heels. But Moore has a solution. In an interview with Coveteur, the actor said that she started using Lord Jones’s CBD lotion ($50) on her feet to ease the pain all night long. “This year I’m trying some CBD oil on my feet, which my stylist recommended,” Moore said. ”I asked her if there was some kind of numbing cream, and she was like, ‘No! [Try] Lord Jones CBD oil.’ So it could be a really exciting evening! I could be floating this year.”

Mandy Moore.

“Another thing I’m a huge believer in, in terms of body care: I’ve been using this body lotion that has CBD from marijuana,” Wilde said. “It’s called Lord Jones, and I discovered it through my friends in L.A. Recently I did a play on Broadway for six months, and my body was wrecked. My neck was really tight. The CBD has relaxing benefits, and the idea is to avoid using too many painkillers.”

To keep her anxiety, stress and pain under control, Aniston also swears by CBD oil. She views the ingredient as a practical, high-free substitute for marijuana. “CBD helps with pain, stress and anxiety,” Aniston told Us Weekly. “It has all the benefits of marijuana without the high.”

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For me personally, I just have it handy in case I need a little help falling asleep, need to RRELAX or if I’m having some muscle soreness.

I think I finished it like an hour later and hadn’t really been paying attention to the way I was feeling until I found myself in a SUPER chill mode. It seemed like everyone around me was stressed and running around and I was just kind of floating through my shift, light hearted, good mood, far from having any stress or anxiety.

I got one the next day and wanted to slap myself for spending another ridiculous amount on a DRINK but I was in a ‘spending money phase’ and kindaaaa didn’t totally care.

I’ve also heard that you can go get massages with CBD oil which just sounds like a dream come true so I’m the look out for that here in LA, if you know of a spot let me know!

You can get the oil the way that I got it or you can buy creams depending on what you’re using it for. The cremes have been used to help with acne and fibromyalgia by applying it to the problem area and I’ve heard AMAZING things about these products.

Okay so let’s talk about what CBD oil actually is for a second.

The oil has also been shown to help people reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke, and it helps people from suffering from post traumatic stress disorder by reducing their stress and anxiety but also giving them mental clarity.

I didn’t really know what CBD oil was but there was a picture of Marijuana on it and it said that it relieves pain and anxiety so it wasn’t hard to figure out. I grabbed one, (FOR 14 EFFING DOLLARS) and went on my way to work.

That was basically all it took and I was hooked!

Apparently when my friend had the worst cramps ever, she applied the cream to her lower back and within 5 minutes she felt insanely better. I haven’t tried this for myself but I think it might be the next trick for helping me with all my back pain.

Hi. No this isn’t the same brand as kreation! Kreation makes me relaxed and happy and this one makes me sleepy so it’s perfect if I’m restless at night! I’m also SUUUPER sensitive to weed in general which is why I don’t smoke but I find that I feel CBD oil easily 🙂

It’s one of the compounds found in Marijuana aside from THC which is the main compound that gives you the feeling of being high. But apparently the CBD oil is the part that holds a lot of the actual benefits of Marijuana.

I also don’t need to take the entire serving which is one full dropper. I have about 5 drops under my tongue and notice that I start chillin out within 30 minutes or so.

Once again, I felt amazing and I knew I had to find a way to get this oil.

I think I was originally going in to get their “Enhance” Maca root drink that I love to buy when I feel like treating myself but that day when I walked in there I saw that they had a water drink with CDB oil.

I walked into Kreation stressed, high anxiety, running late for work AND had a ridiculously painful situation going on with one of my floating ribs…(google it).

I had one sip, it kinda smelled like weed, taste wasn’t bad though, and figured it probably wasn’t going to really do anything.

Hi Chelsey. Thanks for the post. Was this brand the same one that Kreation uses in their water? I would be surprised if they could legally sell their CBD Water if it contained even a trace of THC. Just wanted to double check because I haven’t tried Kreation’s Water yet but was planning to soon. I’m intrigued by the Canna Drops as well!

I’ve noticed that this one I have now makes me a little sleepy but apparently you can buy different strains of CBD. Some will be more useful for knocking out than others so it’s definitely something to keep in mind when you’re looking!

It’s only sold at dispensaries and I don’t smoke so I don’t have my card but luckily I work with someone who does and I asked her to check her spot next time to see if they had this CBD oil. Sure enough the next day she came in with this little gem for a total of 35 bucks. WAY better deal compared to my Kreation purchases.

Have you guys tried it? Let me know how it helps you!

AND my back wasn’t bothering me as bad. I wouldn’t say the pain totally went away but it wasn’t aching anymore.

Other benefits include helping with insomnia, Crohn’s Disease, schizophrenia and mad cow disease.

So it’s something to look into!

Anyone can successfully grow cannabis with very little effort, make a ton of mistakes, and still harvest buds that will do the job.