l theanine and cbd reddit

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Do you mind sharing what 5htp you took? I tried it a hike back with mediocre results, and I have wondered if I just had a bad source.

Hey just curious, what brand of Theanine do you use?

Yeah L-THEANINE is awesome especially after using it with 5-htp. I went from mood swings and attacks of depressions to calm, focused and smiling "enjoy every day" kind of a guy.

In any event, the combination of L-Theanine and CBD Oil have been fantastic. Starting to feel a natural calm focus again, especially when combined with a little bit of coffee.

FYI only like 6% of CBD is absorbed orally. It's a terrible route of administration for anything but THC right now due to how expensive CBD is comparatively (and the larger doses needed compared to THC). Sublingual is not great unless you hold it with some alcohol, which I wouldn't do every day due to potentially increasing the risk of oral cancer under your tongue (similar to the slight increase from regular use of alcoholic mouthwash but perhaps worse because you wouldn't spit it out).

I tried 5-htp once for like a week but it gave me really hurt my stomach for some reason.

5-htp I've never tried but am curious about it.

What time of day do you take 5-htp and do you take daily or cycle? I've heard mixed info about it – that you need to cycle it and watch dosages etc so I stopped taking it after only about a week.

Like many, Adderall turned to all side effects for me, so I'll be staying off of it. Also couldn't exercise on it, which bummed me out.

How much do you take every day? And how many days in row?

As for the CBD, I've been vaporizing it and taking them in softgels.

Glad you could get off the pill and went more natural way. 🙂

Vaping is definitely the way to go. For those unaware, don't take CBD in MCT/coconut/any oil by vaping. Fatty solutions are not meant to be vaporized and can cause lung damage and this is not always well indicated on some products. Vaporizing the isolate or a solution specifically made for vape pens is fine.

I love L-theanine for many reasons but I am looking to try cbd again. what are your experiences and comparisons for them? for me CBD just made me lazy/sleepy and lasted into the next day. but recently people have told me I was taking too much and I need a sativa CBD.

This is my experience as well.

Something people dont take into account with CBD is the quality and the degradation. CBD photo degrades into delta8 THC. The indica/sativa thing is pretty moot at this point. You can get gassy sativa that get you couch locked that were bred that way. People should be telling you to find similar terpene profiles to smoke that works for you.

I'm a big proponent of the plant. Just started dabbling with supplemental health. If you got questions shoot me a line.

I am keen user of THC so perhaps my tolerance for Canabanoids is high.

You say Taurine is better than theanine or CBD?

How do you notice the effects of taurine? I’ve got some but didn’t test it till now cause I’m currently testing l theanine for anxiety .. Cheers.

For anxiety? Only CBD gummies worked for me this far. Vaping/isolate powder did absolutely nothing for me. CBD If it works, otherwise theanine. Taurine id say is better than that imo.

I've also used CBD, a few brands and doses without much effect.

I take theanine with with some caffeine when I need a relaxed, focused mental boost. I smoke the CBD strain when I'm particularly anxious and need to have some forced relaxation.

Keen to try L- Theanine.

This aligns with my experience. No body feeling at all with theanine but a strong pain-relief response with CBD.

I've taken 100mg of CBD in a day and felt nothing other than a restful sleep. In my experience CBD has no active feeling, I've actually been tempted to take a massive 1000mg dose to see if I ever actively feel anything.

Are you smoking it or ingesting it? I'd recommend no more than 50mg of broad spectrum tincture a day too. I havent seen a discernable difference over 30mg. If you are smoking or consuming other healthy THC products, then maybe looking at taking a cbg supplement and cutting down your T and your CBD as well. And be careful for CBN. Horror stories on people sleeping for two days taking too much of it. But at 5mg, cool. 100mg not cool.

Sounds like you're smoking it? As pure CBD in edible form would not be any different if extracted from indica or sativa. I smoke a CBD strain of weed from time to time. it's 0.4% THC and 10% CBD. I've tried pure CBD before and noticed nothing. I used to be a heavy pot smoker, and I would say the aforementioned strain I smoke does not get you high whatsoever, but the low THC makes the effect more noticeable.

Got any more info about sleep on CBN?

How'd you take it? Oral bioavailability is fairly atrocious.

You have to use a lot of cbd to get an effect, unless you smoke the flower. But smoking the flower makes me feel high and I do not think it has much nootropic benefit besides pain relief.

Looking for an effective supplement to support my anxiety, and focus, when studying.

I use both. Both on their own are good, combined even better imo.

L Theanine does not touch CBD. Not even close.

Cdb all the way. If you're not feeling like your amygdala has tampered down within an hr , then up your dose. I have tried Lift and Sunmed and like both. I take 1 dropper 1-2x a day when things are OK and 3-4x a day at very stressful times. I want to try R and R Medicinal which is available online at a good price. that will be my next purchase.

I'd most likely take it in the AM and PM so I'm looking for one with the longest effectiveness.

How long do the effects generally last for you? Do you feel sleepy with it, or does it help your focus?

Which ones effects generally last longer: CBD or L-theanine? I've heard CBD can range from 1-5hrs and l-theanine from 8-10hrs. Does this sound right?

L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. Take it with caffeine for best results for focus. I use that in the AM. L-theanine seems to work 2-4 hours. CBD is anxiolytic and works best with "as much THC as you can tolerate". The best for me (now) is about a 1:1 ratio of CDB to THC but when I started with this combo I only used a tiny amount of THC. I have GAD and PD and that combo of CBD & THC has almost replaced all of my anxiety meds. After 26 years on them a 66% reduction is a win in my book.