marley red cbd review

December 15, 2021 By admin Off

35% CBD. 0.5g cartridge with a universal 510-thread. Made with CCELL technology.

Around here, the Herb is more than a plant. It’s a respect for the natural — and everything the natural reveals.

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About this brand.

Marley Natural is owned by Docklight LLC. Docklight is backed by Privateer Holdings, which also owns Leafly.

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A recent price drop down to $35 definitely make these a great option imo.

Calming effects but can still provide a strong but short head high when you increase voltage.

No distinct flavour but not bad either.

The build is great with the mouth piece, looks good and functions well so can’t complain.

No Airflow issues I’ll update this when I finish the cart if any of these change. Honeslty impressed though and excited to try the other carts for a bigger hit but this has been great for a during the day smoke with the option to give yourself a little hit.