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The cannabidiol industry is an exciting and rapidly developing space. In addition to e-liquid SDS authoring, Medic Pro can write your cannabidiol MSDS. Other CBD services include CBD testing; order a test to verify CBD and THC content of your product.

Cannabidiol & e-liquid MSDS are an important part of e-liquid and short fill manufacturing.

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E-liquid MSDS & SDS are documents that communicate the potential hazards of an e-liquid. They are important in the supply of e-liquids by manufacturers to downstream operators such as wholesalers or retailers and contain information similar to the CLP requirements.

When you don’t know your ingredients: If you mix composite flavour concentrates from flavour houses, please provide the following:

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet and SDS is short for Safety Data Sheet.

3-6 SDS: 2-4 working days.

Although the generation of an MSDS & SDS is not mandatory, if a retailer requests an MSDS or SDS the manufacturer is obliged to provide one.

Under REACH regulations, manufacturers are legally obliged to provide MSDS – or Material Safety Data Sheets – if requested by a downstream user e.g. a retailer.

We offer fast and reliable testing at an accredited lab to help you meet the requirements. Get in touch to learn more.

When you know your ingredients: If you know all the ingredients in your flavours, please provide the following:

A cannabidiol (CBD) MSDS is no different to an e-liquid MSDS. Let us prepare your CBD MSDS expertly and rapidly. Contact us today for a quote.

SDS Testing Services.

No. We do not require samples to prepare a safety data sheet. Just send the formulation or the MSDSs of the composite flavours (see also ‘What do I need to provide?’ below).

An MSDS & SDS is the same document. They both carry the hazards of a mixture – in this case an e-liquid. SDS is just the modern term for MSDS.

Boiling point, freezing point and flash point testing of e-liquids or concentrates is required by some distributors. The values are included in the SDS under section 9: Physical and Chemical Properties.

Note: samples are not required to create an MSDS.

Note: The SDS of each ingredient is not required when the formulation is known. Ingredients below 0.1% in the formulation are below the threshold for an SDS.

Using verified MSDS experts, Medic Pro offers a fast and reliable MSDS & SDS generation service to help manufacturers meet this obligation. We also offer boiling point, freezing point and flash point testing at an accredited lab to meet SDS requirements – read on to learn more.

Special Features.

Note: Composite flavour concentrates are concentrates comprised of multiple ingredients.

Please note that turnaround times are approximate. Translation requests prolong turnaround times.

Yes. We can arrange for the SDS to be translated into most languages. Fee: £60 per translation per SDS.

Up to 2 SDS: 48 hours.

Yes. We outsource this service to a UKAS accredited laboratory. Please contact us for a quote.

If you’ve been searching for a trustworthy CBD company, you most likely have read up on what to look for in terms of a brand’s third-party lab results. These results, as you know, verify the CBD product’s purity, potency, quality, and terpene profile, among other things.

There is another bit of data that’s equally important but not as popular, and it’s a SDS, which is also known as a safety data sheet . A safety data sheet is another piece of paper that every CBD company should be able to supply upon request. In short, it states basic information regarding the safety of your product.

If a CBD product isn’t legit in some way, you’ll know just by glancing at the SDS. This is a place where any red flags will be extremely visible. Another reason why this is important is because it raises the standards of cannabidiol manufacturing. The industry, as you probably know, is still a bit unregulated, which means that a lot of companies are getting away with producing poor-quality products made with questionable ingredients. If every reputable company makes an SDS extremely accessible, companies who hide it from their customers will be less likely to survive.

Why is an SDS So Important When It Comes to Shopping for CBD?

A safety data sheet is a list of data regarding the safety of any product that is meant to be consumed. It contains information regarding its potential side effects, any potential contaminants with which it may have into contact, any precautions that must be taken and so on.

Today, a lot of reputable CBD companies display their SDS on their website. However, if it is not there, you can always call a company and request it yourself. Now, if they seem hesitant to provide this, you should question their legitimacy as a hemp manufacturer.

An SDS is extremely important when it comes to shopping for a CBD product for a few reasons. For one, it’s just another way to develop trust for a brand as it shows you that they have nothing to hide. Additionally, you want to see that sheet so that you have a better idea of what you’re getting.

Will tell you if there are any special instructions regarding how the CBD product should be disposed.

Most often, you will see a very general statement saying that CBD oil may cause mild skin irritation. This is standard. Be wary of any side effects listed that sound unusual as good-quality CBD should not cause any strange side effects.

You will eventually come to a breakdown of the product’s physical properties, in order to then learn about its appearance, consistency, aroma, flavor, etc. The physical properties obviously vary based on the type of product it is, whether it’s a vape oil or an edible, etc.

Potential Side Effects.

These lab results are crucial because besides providing important information regarding the product you are about to buy, they also allow you to see that a company is worthy of your trust because they have been transparent about their product.

This section is especially important as it will note any presence of toxins. Obviously, you want a toxin-free CBD product.

This typically demonstrates its pH level, boiling point, viscosity, and the evaporation rate.

Information regarding how chemically stable the CBD is as well as whether or not it reacts to other chemicals.

Handling and Storage Instructions.

This details how you should store and handle your CBD product after it’s made its way to your home. As you probably know already, CBD products should be stored in a cool and dark place as both light and heat can break down the molecules. There are some CBD edibles that need to be kept refrigerated, so bear that in mind.

A list of any safety measures that would need to be taken should a bad reaction occur. Again, you shouldn’t find much information here but a vague recommendation that a person seek medical attention immediately.

These would be the main things to likely find on a CBD company’s SDS. By knowing what each one’s purpose is, you will know exactly what information to be looking out for.

It could be done by truck, through the air, or by a carrier service such as USPS, UPS, or even FedEx.

For instance, were the workers handling the CBD oil wearing gloves and protective gear? Were they consuming food and beverages while handling your product? A CBD product should be handled with care, and food and drinks should never be allowed in the facility when open CBD products are being handled.

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