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CBD you can trust.

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It’s hard to be well if you’re worried about what you’re taking. That’s why we offer you—and every customer—the individual attention you deserve.

Quality you can trust.

Natural CBD Tinctures.

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Myriam’s Premium Hemp oil products elevate the natural properties of hemp to bring you a simply better product every time.

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Natural CBD Topicals.

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Myriam’s is proud to offer a wide range of CBD tinctures available in a variety of concentrations and formulations to help you get the most out of your hemp. From daily tinctures to specialized hemp-derived CBN, CBG, and CBDA options, there’s something for every purpose.

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Delivering on the promise of CBD.

Our customers keep coming back for our healthful CBD topicals because they’re better than the rest. With a high range of concentrations to fit your needs, our products can stand up to the loudest aches and pains—all while nourishing and hydrating your skin.

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About Myriam’s Hope Myriam’s Hope is a safe haven for accessing life saving and miraculous cannabis oil products. As a private and discreet non-profit medical cannabis collective, they were inspired by the journey of the founders mother, Myriam. Her battle with cancer was the inspiration for Myriam’s Hope. Their goal is to reach others who are at a loss on where to turn for an alternative yet successful treatment for cancer and other serious diseases. Visit: to learn more.

In 2013, Diana’s mother, Myriam, was diagnosed with Stage IV glioblastoma brain cancer. The doctors gave her two to six months to live. Diana was devastated but determined to give her mom more time, so she started looking into alternative treatments.

The improvised oil was helping, though. Myriam started on a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and cannabis oil, and every MRI was stable. She sailed right past her six-month life expectation. At eight months, the chemotherapy seemed to be making the tumor grow, so they took her off chemo and kept the high-THC cannabis oil going. Her tumor started to shrink.

“I was trying to find a clinical trial that would accept Mom, but there weren’t any open at the time,” explains Diana. “In my searching, I came across a clinical study on cannabis and glioblastoma patients. I started looking into it, and I came across a community of people who were treating brain cancer with cannabis.”

“There’s a huge need for cannabis oil,” says Diana, “and at the time, there was no reputable place to get it from that was readily available in our area.” So she decided to start Myriam’s Hope.

United Patients Group, the leading medical cannabis information and educational site, is proud to award Myriam’s Hope its Seal of Approval. United Patients Group’s founder John Malanca says “Myriam’s Hope stands out with regard to their service, ethics and standards. They carefully manufacture and package their own mixes of THC and CBD oils and distribute direct to their patients in an efficient and discrete manner”

Through Facebook groups, she discovered several brands of high-THC cannabis oil aimed at treating cancer, but the dispensaries nearby didn’t carry cannabis oil at the time—all they carried was butane hash. So Diana and her fiancé, Jeff, decided they would make their own. “When we first started, we were getting our instructions from YouTube videos and making it on the kitchen stove in Mom’s condo with no ventilation,” Diana remembers. “I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what in the world was happening in the house.” It was the first of many times they worried about the legality of what they were doing.

“We double-test all of our products to ensure that they contain the correct dosage and don’t contain any potentially harmful contaminants. Whenever the test results come back different than we were hoping for, we go straight to the chemists and ask what we can do to fix it,” says Diana.

Every day, the team at Myriam’s Hope, a nonprofit cannabis collective, works together to transform cannabis flowers into pure cannabis concentrate and then mix it into tinctures and salves. Patients across California who are suffering from cancer, parkinson’s, alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic pain, and a number of other ailments use the extracted medicine to reduce their symptoms and even reverse their disease. The founders had never even heard of cannabis oil. It took a tragedy to get them started down this path.

Diana had become heavily involved in a number of Facebook groups, and other members started asking her if she would make cannabis oil for their loved ones. She realized that other people were encountering the exact same problem that she had found.

About United Patients Group United Patients Group is the leading medical cannabis information and educational site that is dedicated to providing the most professional and safe resource for Medical Cannabis information.