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As of Jan. 1, positive cannabis tests no longer trigger fines and suspensions for UFC fighters, though athletes could still face punishment from state athletic commissions.

“The only concern that we have here with marijuana, it’s an in-competition prohibited drug only,” Novitzky told Newsday in January, following the announcement that the UFC was changing its approach to pot . “So you want to make sure the fighters aren’t impaired when they’re fighting. And the reality, and what the science shows with marijuana, is strictly a level in urine or blood really has no scientific correlation with impairments,” he added.

Diaz, who has never been shy about his affinity for cannabis, marked the occasion by lighting up a joint from his own line of bud.

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Diaz’s representatives confirmed with MMA Fighting that Kill_4209 is his own strain of cannabis. Diaz also owns a CBD company, Game Up Nutrition , with his brother, Nick.

And though it seems the majority of UFC fighters are pro-cannabis, there are a few outliers. Warlley Alves called out Diaz for his cannabis use in an interview with MMA Junkie earlier this year .

A poll last year of 170 mixed martial arts fighters found that nearly half of the respondents use cannabis for recreational or recovery purposes, while almost 80 per cent said they had used CBD.

“That’s Kill_4209,” Diaz answered when asked what he was smoking, per MMA Fighting . “That’s the chronic, right there, baby. You already know what’s up.”

The Arizona State Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Commission has adopted the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s revised approach to pot, Jeff Novitzky, the UFC’s vice president of athlete health and performance, confirmed with reporters earlier this week.

That won’t be the case in Arizona.


“He’s a marijuana guy. Winners (don’t use drugs). In many, many countries, this is illegal. People follow him. People watch him. Many, many kids watch him. He’s a bad example. I don’t like this guy because he does this,” Alves said.

It was a familiar stunt for Diaz, who spurred controversy in 2016 when he pulled from a CBD vape pen during a post-fight press conference.

“Great working with AZ Commission, who are adopting our testing program/rules for this weekend,” Novitzky tweeted on Thursday. “Only issue with marijuana (THC) for Saturday’s fights is don’t show up impaired or under the influence. How it should be!”

Nate Diaz is set to return to the octagon this weekend for UFC 263 and the fight couldn’t be happening in a better location.

UFC announces it will no longer punish fighters for positive cannabis tests.

On Saturday, Diaz will fight for the first time since August 2019. He faces Leon Edwards in a welterweight match.

After his rematch defeat to The Notorious, Diaz infamously smoked CBD oil-which was banned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency at the time. However, the USADA has made cannabidiol legal in and out of the competition.

CBD or cannabidiol is a hemp derived compound which is an anti-inflammatory chemical with healing capabilities. There are many medical benefits of using CBD , as claimed by several patients who have used it to treat their anxiety, inflammation, stress, depression and other ailments.

Diaz said if they saw how he landed a great CBD deal for the UFC. He further stated that CBD is now present in every sport and athletic competition- from football to basketball to wrestling rings, CBD is legal and UFC is paid out!

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He added that everyone has jumped on the CBD bandwagon because of him. He apparently started the CBD movement, says Diaz.

In a pre-fight drug screening, Silva tested positive for oxazepam, drostanolone, temazepam and androstane, and the fight was proclaimed a no contest. Nick spent about four months appealing his failed marijuana test and gradually got it reduced to 18 months with a £82,000 fine.

However, the MMA veteran has not battled since the middleweight battle at UFC 183 after all the time spent appealing the decision. Because Nick failed to pay his NSAC penalties, in his high-profile battles with McGregor he was not qualified to corner his brother.

Diaz told ESPN that he was the pioneer for the UFC fighters to have the once prohibited drug legal.

The fans favourite Nate Diaz makes his octagon return on Saturday competing with Anthony Pettis, his old rival in his home of California. Diaz hasn’t fought since August 2016 when he lost to Conor McGregor in a majority decision at the UFC 202. The Stockton native reminded his fans of his unique personality by smoking a cannabidiol on the stage.

Diaz took advantage of the updated rules by producing his own Game Up Nutrition CBD line. The UFC also signed an agreement with Aurora Cannabis to assist fighters in taking supplements after a fight to treat aches and pains.

His brother Nick was given a five-year ban after he failed the post-fight drug test for marijuana metabolites after his loss to Anderson Silva in 2013.

The federal government in the United States legalized hemp-derived cannabinoids under the Farm Bill in december 2018, thereby removing CBD from the list of controlled substances. According to the federal regulations, CBD products are legal for production, processing, sales and consumption, however the maximum limit for THC is 0.3% per unit. If any product contains traces of THC amounting to more than 0.3%, the product will be considered illegal.