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$ – Average price of an 8th is $30 or under.

$$$ – Average price of an 8th is $66+

$$ – Average price of an 8th is $51 – $65.

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The match percentage refers to the compatibility of any given strain in the menu with the attributes selected via the strain matching wizard. The higher the score, the more likely for the strain to provide the desired experience.

$ – Average price of an 8th is $31 – $40.

$$ – Average price of an 8th is $41 – $50.

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Here at Orange County CBD we’re passionate about helping people become the very best version of themselves.

Our current range is huge, offering everything from CBD Oils, CBD Gummies and CBD Edibles to CBD Vape Juice and CBD Skincare products. With more products always in the pipeline, we’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of CBD innovation.

As an international, multi-award winning company, we know just how much of a difference CBD can make in people’s lives, which is why we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality CBD products on the market.

Whether you’re a seasoned CBD enthusiast or only just starting your journey, Orange County CBD is here for you every step of the way.

Review by Marcia Jahn.

OC CBD Store is a head shop in Costa Mesa, California.

It is sometimes referred to as “OC CBD ONLY STORE”.

1175 Baker St Ste 10D Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

Review by Lisa Forgie.

OC CBD Store on 1175 Baker St Ste 10D.

The clerk was knowledgeable about the Cbd oils and asked me questions before recommending one. He of course recommended the $150 one, which happened to be on sale for “Father’s Day”, Haha, for $100. It’s actually a really good deal but I decided to start smaller and went with Charlotte’s Web. It cost me $40. I will probably stick with online ordering, but if you need same day service, this is a good choice.

Was excited for this store at first. until I kept going in (3-5x a week @ $20+ spent each time) and being charged different amounts on the same items I purchase EVERY single time! Sometimes a sign would show one price but they would tell me a different one then change the sign right then and there to reflect that days new price when I point it out. mind you, I had paid the lower price several times before. 😗. wtfudge! Consistency just isn’t there with pricing, customer service, or product (have gotten many a dry blunt!) I finally stopped going all together recently. would rather go to 2 different places to get what I need and not be over charged 2 out of 4 times or not have to worry if my blunt is cracked or whatnot due to dryness. ***Just an FYI. Blunts posted at .99 are never charged that. Your staff has made several excuses on why they cannot charge the .99cents. so no, I don’t agree with your reply. Thanks though.

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Had no idea about the benefits of these products. Sales associate was very helpful in guiding me to the right products I needed. Will be a customer for sure!

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