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2020’s Best CBD Oil Reviews – RELIEF From Pain, Anxiety.

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Jun 18, 2018 · Ojai Energetics Brand Review. Founder Will Kleidon went on a fruitless search for CBD oil back in 2014 for a personal health issue. He was virtually unable to find any CBD products that provided safety testing, used organic ingredients, and didn’t contain synthetics. 20% Off Ojai Energetics Coupon Codes for 2020 | Discounts The Seedling Truck is proud to present to you the newest additions to our top CBD discount codes and deals. Check above as our promos and vouchers work for Ojai Energetics. Discounts valid for items including CBD Oil, Hemp oil, CBD (cannabidiol) tinctures, Capsules and more. These promo codes may end at any time without […] Ojai Energetics on the Benefits of CBD Oil | Wellness Mama Today’s episode is all about CBD, a hot topic in the health world and one I get so many questions about.My guest Will Kleidon founded Ojai Energetics in 2014 with one goal: to provide the purest, healthiest, and most ethically produced cannabidiol or CBD on the market. Ojai Energetics Review – Is it a Scam or Legit? – KamaDeva Dec 21, 2019 · Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts. It’s clear to see that Ojai Energetics is the type of company that is truly passionate about what it does. It doesn’t cut corners to make more of a profit and is much more interested in the quality of the product so that the consumer can feel like they’re using something that’s going to be effective.

CBD Oil UK | The 10 best CBD oils in the UK. November 21, 2019. and a 30 mL bottle of Ojai Energetics Super CBD is available for purchase to go. Spring; Credit: Emi Rose Photography. #1 Is It Logal To Carry Cbd Oil On A Plane – Buy CBD Oil.

CBD Oil UK | The 10 best CBD oils in the UK. November 21, 2019. and a 30 mL bottle of Ojai Energetics Super CBD is available for purchase to go. Spring; Credit: Emi Rose Photography.

Super CBD tincture is the main product offered by Ojai Energetics. It is formulated for those people who seeks health benefits from CBD-rich hemp oil for general.

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Katie: Yeah, it’s super fascinating. I think to clear up any confusion also, I think it’s important if you could explain the differences because it does get lumped in with just general cannabis. What the difference are between things like CBD in these molecules you’re talking about and, for instance, just like medicinal cannabis that’s now legal in some states? Can you give us the distinction there?

Now, you go to the industrial era, cannabinoids were commonplace and in the diet, people are using them. We had more oxidative stress exposure from that era, from, you know, disease and pollutants or whatever but the cannabinoid intake was steady in whatever increased as it got more documented and studied, which did, so it was there but then it also led to the, you know, not just from a physical level but it led to the advancements of the next stage, so from nautical exploration to industrial, and there is actually evidence showing that from hunter-gatherer to agricultural, it was the discovery of nets and the technology of nets to be able to fish in one spot that led to an agricultural society, hemp fiber rope was in that region and probably it was hemp but we can’t prove it yet. But anyways, every single advancement, hemp has been one of the primary, or cannabis which is hemp, has been one of the primary drivers and catalysts of innovation and advancement while simultaneously providing the nutrients to handle the subsequent oxidation bump. And so now in the age of technology, we artificially depleted ourselves and if you look at the correlations of the different issues and then you line them up, they’re pretty astonishing and then seeing how rapidly they can be reversed, we’re talking in certain issues, within weeks, which is indicative of a nutrient deficiency. Just like scurvy takes two weeks to reverse it, we’re seeing…

So essentially what you really, the body doesn’t care if it’s coming from, if we call it hemp or not, but it wants to have an optimized system, it’s a high level of CBD and below psychoactive threshold presence of THC, and then CBC and CBG and a variety of other cannabinoids. Was that clear?

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Katie: Yeah. And that makes sense with the anti-aging component even just in light of what you said about oxidative stress because I think, like, our modern lifestyle is kind of built for oxidative stress between, like, the things you think of that can increase it which, like, smoking and drinking too much and fried food, which hopefully nobody is doing, but also just flying or eating out or not getting enough sleep or even heavy workouts, like all of these things contribute to oxidative stress. So to have a tool in the toolkit to help battle that is huge.

One caveat would be, we need more data on, too, is if you’re taking medication that says, “Don’t take with grapefruit,” there’s limited data showing that it can act like grapefruit but also another study showed that it did the opposite effect in these digestive enzymes which is much more in line with how cannabinoids work in the body or CBD in particular. THC is more like a scalpel, it’s kind of single directional whereas CBD is much more, it’s an adaptogen and so if you’ve got an overactive immune system, it will help modulate and bring it into balance or if you have an underacting immune system, it will modulate and bring it up into balance, and so in all likelihood, it’s doing the same with digestive enzymes. That being said, it’s better to err on the side of caution. And if you’re taking medication that says, “Don’t take with grapefruit,” talk to your doctor first in what levels you are because CBD can potentially act like grapefruit. That’s the only caveat.

Will: No. Because, well, our formulation makes it way more potent so in reality, you would get there faster than a liposome or a fat-based CBD, but it’s, like we’re talking, you’d have to be drinking, you would have to drown from the water content in the plant before you would get any type of toxicity reaction in the body. So you could drink gallons and gallons and gallons and gallons of it and at which point, the water present would get you sicker than the CBD would.

The cannabinoids don’t go out of the fat layer until about 15 minutes. It’s faster and more bioavailable. It’s about 8x. Our delivery is just a single layer of water and we’re showing over, well over 20 that is showing over 100x, it’s way more bioavailable but it also has an immediate onset whereas a liposome, it’s better than a fat-based, it’s about eight times more potent, but it doesn’t diffuse into the system for about 15 to 20 minutes, sometimes 10 depending on how they do the liposome. But the timing won’t work, you’d have to take it, know when it kicks in and then run and then smell it, essentially. And with a fat-based, it’s 30 minutes and you have to smell it right when you kind of feel it inside. So no other system is really effective at being able to curate these different outcomes. Now if you have a vape pen, you can, that’s where terpenes will work, but you’d have to use different strains or smell it. It’s less bioavailable than our formula, but that’s the only other way to do it.

Will: Yeah, totally. So basically, so loading dose is common with a lot of different compounds. You need to take more to really get the system moving. It’s kind of like priming a pump. And if you don’t get the right amount in, it’s not gonna turn over and engage the engine. So essentially, we’ve been idling artificially our endocannabinoid system engine through this prohibition where we artificially cut it out of the diet in the ’40s. And because our body has coevolved with producing cannabinoids internally to feed the system but has for thousands of years relied on this external source just like we talked about with B12, the amount of receptors, of cannabinoid receptors, it’s called upregulation, so our bodies put out way more of these cannabinoid receptors hoping to catch and basically competing with itself and the different systems to try and grab the cannabinoids when they can.

Now that being said, you’re not gonna guide them, the body’s endocannabinoid system has its triage list and it knows way better than we do, but you can, still, there’s times where let’s say your body is saying, “Look, you’re running a million miles an hour and we need you to sleep and repair so we’re gonna…” The endocannabinoid system is gonna naturally sedate you and, like, how you experience how you’re tired, right? You can bypass it gently by then saying, “You know what, that’s great, but I can’t sleep right now, I got to work.” And you smell the peppermint and you’ll shift it so that you can basically gently nudge it out of its triage list and pop, have what you want get targeted first in line. But you’re not gonna do it in a way that could be damaging, like it won’t allow it to, like, throw anything up because it’s totally nontoxic.

And so we’re able to deliver an effective dose range at a very cost-effective manner and have the results be felt within 30 seconds, not 30 minutes and not after, typically with the fat-based people who have to take it for weeks and weeks to eventually kind of build enough up in the system to get that engagement and that’s not common.

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Katie: If you’re talking about like you guys with the water-soluble version, what I would guess with like a liposome or anything that’s got fat and that you could eventually hit that ratio faster based on the other ingredients, right, in any particular formulation?

And so in Nepal, they eat yaks and they also eat the butter made from yaks and milk. And so I asked this, my Lyft driver, he was from Nepal and I said, “Hey, does cannabis grow wild?” He’s like, “Oh, yeah, it’s everywhere.” And I said, “So you guys eat the yaks and you eat the milk, or whatever?” He’s like, “Yeah, of course.” And I said, “So do the yaks like to eat the hemp and the cannabis plants?” And he goes, “Oh, yeah, it’s one of their favorites.” And it further demonstrates what we’re finding. So they’ve had pretty much an uninterrupted supply and we’re gonna run a study on that population to look at their cannabinoid levels. But that’s, anyways, the children and mothers, because it’s passed in the breast milk and actually, anandamide is in the breast milk, and through artificial prohibition, it’s actually in less concentrations than what’s really ideal to activate a child’s endocannabinoid system. But the endocannabinoid system is one of the first systems that develops in utero, and then through breastfeeding and anandamide delivery, it actually activates the endocannabinoid system which is vital for development of all the other systems and starting proper hunger levels and all sorts of stuff.

Katie: I love that and I share your hope certainly and I hope that we can continue to move away from things like plastics and petroleum-based chemicals so much. And I know that you guys are offering a special deal just for the listeners of this podcast and that will be in the show notes at wellnessmama.fm, so people, you guys can find the link and find the discount which you can make sure you take advantage of. I know I order it at this point pretty much by the case because there’s so many people in our family. But just to remind us on a practical level as we end, basically someone would get this and then take it until it tastes sweet, right? That’s kind of how you know it’s the right dose for your body?

And so we’ve got, the key with a loading dose is getting enough in so that all the receptors that are upregulated get targeted and primed, at which point the system kicks into gear and then it downregulates the receptor sites. So there’s actually, you lower the amount needed. So with THC, it’s the opposite where…most people actually need a loading dose at the beginning with THC. But you build a tolerance with THC, whereas with CBD and I’m talking, anytime I say “CBD,” I mean full spectrum, not CBD isolate. It’s similar with isolate but there’s actually, dosage is harder and it’s less effective on multiple fronts.

And so essentially, when they were having cannabinoids, that also gets passed in the breast milk and so, in terms of logic and historical data, yes, and then it’s, still it’s better to err on the side of caution. We need to aggregate more data. But those most recent tests that were conducted was actually on higher THC, but Jamaican cannabis, all the landraces and all the, essentially, the nonhybridized forms of this plant had different ratios of THC to CBD, but predominantly it was high CBD, low THC and then some varietals at higher THC but they always had higher CBD, but this woman wanted to see what the effects of cannabis consumption was in utero and for children. And she realized she had to go to a population where it’s socially and culturally acceptable. And in Jamaica, the women, not all women but it was accepted that they would drink cannabis tea during pregnancy as did Queen Victoria took cannabis during pregnancy, you know, well documented. But essentially she looked at the population of mothers who did not drink the cannabis tea versus the mothers who did, and what she found was that starting from birth, the cognitive development and other health factors that the kids whose moms used cannabis tea were vastly more advanced in cognition and other body factors than those who did not, for the moms who do not.

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So what we figured out is we figured out how to encapsulate the oil in these little bubbles of water doing essentially what our bodies naturally do with a fat-based CBD, but we do it outside of the body using only certified organic plants and don’t have any loss like the body does. So if you take one bottle of our 250-milligram full spectrum with the technology and the water solubility, it’s, you’d have to eat at least 20,000 milligrams or 5,000 milligrams, our data is showing over 100x but essentially at least 5,000 milligrams of a fat-based CBD when you’re only taking 250. So from 20x and now, new data is coming in and verifying that it’s actually probably closer to over 100 times more bioavailable milligram for milligram.

Child: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.

Katie: So you mentioned the Farm Bill and I know that the hemp issue has been a semi-controversial one right now in the U.S. I’m curious, being both in the industry and then, I’m sure, the research you’re doing on this all the time, what do you see as the future of hemp in the U.S.?

And William Randolph Hearst owned pretty much all of the lumber industry in the States and also owned all the newspapers which were printed on the paper, and then at the same time, the DuPont family came up with synthetic rope. Now the decortication hemp rope, because of its antimicrobial and its strength properties, could have competed with rayon essentially, so they formed together… There was growing racial tensions in the country because cannabis was in South America and North America prior to European colonization, but basically, people from Mexico had a long tradition of smoking higher THC varietals as well as high CBD varietals in teas, it’s well documented. And then also African-Americans and musicians were using higher THC, it was actually socially acceptable, completely socially acceptable to use high THC as well as other varieties that there’s an old high THC candy that was used in actually, in the Civil War, both generals talked about how they, every soldier should have it and every house should have it, it’s the best thing. It’s safe and it helps your health.

Will: Yeah. So basically, the only way for them to time each other properly, to meet up is to get, is to inhale them like an essential oil or a plant or like an orange for the limonin. You smell that and you’re actually pulling these compounds up into crossing blood-brain barrier, that’s the really, only effective way to get it into the system other than through, like, through the lungs. And then you take…so only our technology enables you to actually have the timing be right so that they can interact and meet each other because ours gets in immediately. The terpenes deploy immediately essentially in the body. So if you take, titrate your dosage of our formula to where you get a sweet spot and an optimal ratio but it will turn to very sweet, like honey, flavor and then smell those essential oils or citrus fruit, they’ll time up perfectly and you can custom-curate where the cannabinoids are gonna go in the body and essentially the mood for what you want.

So if you’re eating something, you’re actually pulling these, they’re tiny little molecules, they’re slightly less dense than gas, you’re actually pulling them up into the olfactory through the mouth cavity or if you’re inhaling it directly, straight up through the nose, into the olfactory system, it crosses into the blood-brain. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and then gets into the hypothalamus and then goes where they’re gonna go, so they basically, immediately deploy. If you just eat them, they get pretty much 100% destroyed. Now, cannabinoids, if you just eat a regular cannabinoid extract like a fat-soluble CBD, full spectrum CBD is more absorbed than CBD isolate, but either way, that fat-soluble form, 90% of it gets destroyed before it can be made water soluble in the gut and then into the bloodstream and that takes about 30 minutes for it to get into the blood. So with a regular CBD extract, it’s 30 minutes before you really feel anything, but if you eat 20 milligrams, you’re actually only absorbing 2. The rest get destroyed and you pee them out. But you’re paying for 100% and the terpenes don’t get really absorbed at all.

Super CBD contains CBD rich Hemp Oil which has been hollistically formulated by our experts. It is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertlizers, and infused with all-organic superfoods to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Bioavailability has been increased by making our CBD water soluble and 20 times more potent.

Ojai Energetics prides itself on the highest standards of sourcing pure and sustainable hemp; with a focus on our farmer’s cultivation methods, and the health of their crops, water, and soil. We import the finest ethically grown materials.