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OM’s Extra Strength Multi-Herb Elixirs Experience the entourage effect of full-spectrum Cannabis and other healing plants with OM’s Extra Strength Multi-Herb Elixirs. Uplift your senses with our Daytime blend of ginger & echinacea.Rest and relax with our Nighttime blend of lavender & chamomile. Pleasant in color, flavor & odor, enjoy plain or added to the beverage of your choice. Each 1ML dropperful is 20MG of THC. (600MG THC / 60MG CBD PER 1OZ BOTTLE) See OM regular strength Daytime and Nighttime Multi-Herb Elixirs.

Indulge in the benefits of full spectrum Cannabis derived CBD with OM’s Extra Strength CBD Elixir – a tincture that is rich in cannabinoids yet light in color and flavor. Each dropperful is 33.3MG of activated CBD and 1.83MG of THC. (1000MG CBD / 55.5MG THC PER 1OZ BOTTLE)

OM’s Extra Strength 1:1 Elixir is perfect for those on a budget and those that need a larger serving of cannabinoids. Each dropperful is 16.6MG of activated THC and 16.6MG of activated CBD. (500MG THC / 500MG CBD PER 1OZ BOTTLE)

Indulge in the benefits of full spectrum Cannabis with OM’s Extra Strength THC Elixir – a coconut oil tincture perfect for those on a budget who need a larger serving of THC. Each dropperful is 33.3MG of activated THC. (1000MG THC PER 1OZ BOTTLE)

Ingredients: MCT Oil made with Coconut, Cannabis Flowers & Cannabis Extract.

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