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This is a controversial sector that is inevitably turning heads in the investment world, not to mention attracting interest from some unlikely corners. Drinks manufacturer Coca Cola has said it’s “closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world”. A request for further comment on this from BBC Capital went unanswered.

Zsolt Csonka is one of this growing fan base. He is the founder of Adriaen Block, a restaurant in New York’s Astoria, the city’s first CBD restaurant and bar. Csonka says he wanted to create cocktails with a lower alcohol content, using ingredients (like shrubs, berries, and herbs) that were used in the 16th and 17th Century, but which also included CBD oil – “mixing the new generation and the old generation together,” he likes to say.

It’s an industry that CBD market research firm the Brightfield Group projects will be worth $5.7bn by next year and $22bn by 2022. The group’s research director Bethany Gomez says Charlotte’s Web Holdings, the industry’s largest player, grew by 172% in 2016-17 and is on track to make $89m in 2018.

Users say they take it for everything from muscle aches and anxiety to arthritis, epilepsy and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s better known – a naturally occurring extract of the cannabis sativa plant – is now so ubiquitous in the US, you’d be forgiven for thinking there are few places it’s not available and few ailments it cannot treat.

And let’s not forget Fido. There’s CBD oil for him too – with added bacon flavour.

There’s vape oil, pain-relief cream, patches, sweets (gummy bears, sour snakes, rainbow bites – take your pick), capsules and compounds.

Ahead of the curve.

Gomez says when the Brightfield Group made its industry predictions earlier this year, “we raised plenty of eyebrows”. But, she says, three days later the media was reporting that Coca Cola was looking into the CBD industry and it suddenly made sense. “If you look at the total sum of CBD products being sold today and then add ‘big box’ retailers into the mix and the big pharmacies who are begging to enter. we expect to see a very rapid change.”

Products infused with CBD appear in many different forms – sweets, dog biscuits, and even syringes filled with pure cannabidiol (Credit: Alamy)

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The N Fuzed inhaler comes from a company that also specializes in marijuana gummies. Their patented inhaler is sleek, with a transparent body that lets the world know this isn’t your average inhaler. Allowing for easily regulating intake, while eliminating throat irritation, messy cleanup, and odor, the N Fuzed inhaler is a great option to explore.

The One Gro THC Inhaler is designed with discreteness in mind, made to look just like a conventional asthma inhaler. The product’s ingredients are comparable to those used in asthma products as well. Each inhaler comes with 480 milligrams of CO2 oil, the equivalent of 100 puffs and comes in both CBD and THC varieties.

The Aeroinhaler offers a refined, flavorful and standardized THC distillate for those who desire predictability and reliability. The live resin terpenes are added back into the product, providing that marijuana flavour true connoisseurs love, yet without conspicuous odors or smoke. The Aeroinhaler is made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and provides 100 puffs per canister at 5mg of THC each.

Smoking weed comes with many drawbacks, including that scorched-throat feeling after a big toke. Inhaling marijuana through joints, bongs, vaping or other methods requires absorbing additional materials into your body. Burning plant matter and butane from lighters can contain carcinogenic compounds; and while the jury is still out on the safety of the chemical cocktail of vape oils, some nonetheless remain concerned. Many people also suffer from conditions which render them especially sensitive to smoke inhalation, suffering from migraines, asthma attacks, or seizures. Smoking is simply not an option for everyone. One of the biggest selling-points with cannabis inhalers is how clean they are: no carcinogenic or otherwise harmful burning materials are needed when using an inhaler.

Müv Thc Inhaler.

To understand how cannabis inhalers function, it’s helpful to first understand exactly how our lungs work. These amazing organs are made up of millions of tiny air sacs – alveoli – which enable gas exchange. When we breathe in, oxygen is absorbed – or exchanged – through the alveoli and enters the bloodstream, whereas when we breathe out, the alveoli contract to expel carbon dioxide from the bloodstream, which then leaves our bodies through the mouth or nose.

Cannabis inhalers might be relative newbies on the block when it comes to weed paraphernalia, but their design and function are tried, tested and true – and they are probably more familiar than you think.

The MÜV THC Inhaler delivers 2.4 mg of cannabinoids per puff, with each inhaler clocking 400 mg total and around 167 individual doses. The FAQ page has a handy tip about tilting your head back when inhaling, in order to prevent cannabinoids from hitting the back of the throat so that they wind up in your lungs, where they truly belong – and where they will have the most effect.

Cannabis inhalers could well be the future of marijuana consumption, especially for those who are sensitive to smoke or are interested in the cleanest experience possible. Enabling exact dosing and an efficient experience, cannabis inhalers are a great addition to your cannabis toolkit.

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Santana Smooth Inhalers have some serious star-power. Launched by the revered musician Carlos Santana, these inhalers provide doses of about 6.5-7.0 mg of cannabinoids along with 1-2mg of terpenes. Santana’s love for marijuana began with his mother, who would use the plant to alleviate her arthritis symptoms. A longtime advocate for marijuana and the weed community, Santana continues to spread his love through the air with his inhalers.

If you haven’t heard of cannabis inhalers before, you may want to start investigating. This article will introduce you to these fairly new devices which deliver concentrated doses of cannabis directly into your lungs. Inhalers are renowned for being more bioavailable and cleaner than virtually any other marijuana delivery mechanism. We’ll look at how they work, what their benefits are and a few of the top cannabis inhaler brands.

Cannabis inhalers look nearly identical to inhalers used to treat asthma, and function similarly as well. The big difference between asthma and cannabis inhalers comes down to the oil: cannabis inhalers provide a vapor laced with standardized concentrations of cannabinoids. Cannabis inhalers have many benefits which are explored more fully below, but if you’re looking for accurate dosing, immediate effect and value being discreet, then inhalers will probably be for you.

THC inhalers enable cannabinoids to go directly into the lungs and, following the same route as oxygen in the gas exchange process, enter the bloodstream. This near-immediate delivery method into the bloodstream is what makes inhalers very “bioavailable”. The term bioavailable refers to the proportion of a substance that is able to enter the bloodstream and have an active effect; an intravenous injection is said to be 100% bioavailable. Because cannabis inhalers are able to deliver cannabinoids nearly instantly into the bloodstream via the lungs, they are said to be a very bioavailable delivery mechanism. Bioavailability is one of the many benefits of cannabis inhalers, more of which will be explored below.

Below are some simple instructions on how to use a cannabis inhaler, taken from the N Fuzed website. Note that there may be slight variations between different brands of cannabis inhalers, so it’s always a good idea to check the instructions for the products you use.

N Fuzed THC Inhaler.

Here are a few other benefits of cannabis inhalers:

Cannabis inhalers can be used for products containing the cannabinoids THC, CBD or a combination of the two, but at the end of the day they work in the same way regardless of cannabinoids. THC inhalers deliver precise doses of THC in an aerosolized form.

Cannabis inhalers might still just be in their infancy when it comes to popularity and consumer uptake. But that may be set to change, especially as awareness of their benefits continues to grow. Several companies are offering cannabis inhalers – we’ve listed a few to investigate below.

This article was originally published on WeedWeek, and appears here with permission.

Another intriguing benefit of weed inhalers are their potential to function as an aid in actual asthma attacks. One study found that marijuana smoke might actually cause dilation of the muscled pathways in the throat leading to the lungs, which can constrict and lead to asthma attacks. Marijuana seems to have the opposite effect, relaxing these muscles. This could be due to marijuana’s effects on certain endocannabinoid receptors in the human body.

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One Gro THC Inhaler.