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The high percentage is primarily mainly suitable for adults. And for everyone for which especially high concentrations turn out to be effective. If moreover you want to try out first what effect a high concentration will have? Then we advise you to try out the various small syringes with 1 gram strong CBD paste from Cibiday. This small volume has been brought on the market especially for trial purposes, making these pastes very affordable yet.

An amount of paste the size of an uncooked grain of rice weighs approximately 0.1 gram. So a dose of 0.6 gram comes to an amount of paste equal to the size of 6 uncooked grains of rice. Put a dose under the tongue and let this dissolve for about 1 to 2 minutes, so the mucous membranes in the mouth can absorb the CBD directly into the bloodstream.

Pure and undiluted CBD paste from hemp. Easy to dose straight from the tube. This paste with a high CBD/CBDa percentage of 25% is manufactured by the Dutch Cibiday and very reliable, due to being tested by a external laboratory for both the CBD/CBda content and for contaminations.

Advice on dosing from Apollyon for Cibiday CBD Paste Pure 25%

For those still searching for an effective dose, we advise to start off with a lower dose, for instance with 0.2 gram a day, divided over 2 to 3 dosing moments. When effects are not forthcoming, you can then increase the dose every week until you reach 0.64 gram a day.

Everybody reacts slightly differently to cannabinoids like CBD, therefore it will always remain a matter of trying it out. So do not give up too quickly. Information on the label.

CBD effectively helps in treating inflammation and relieving the pain that accompanies it. (as confirmed by WHO report compiled in 2017 in Geneva);

Legality & Certifications.

CBD Hemp Paste is not addictive and does not cause any side effects . The product is not intended for consumption.

All of our CBD drought hemps have current lab analysis to confirm that the product is 100% natural, original, and properly tested. Each certificate of the drought hemp clearly states the concentration of cannabinoids (primarily CBD), the date of testing, and the type of cannabis flower tested. However, primarily, it confirms the legality of the product, whose THC concentration cannot be higher than 0,2%. Each laboratory analysis for a given drought hemp is in our database and is available on request. For each interested person – to obtain such a certificate please contact us.

Full Spectrum Paste contains full spectrum of cannabinoids CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA, THCA, THCV and THC in amounts not.

Helps in reducing blood sugar level ;

exceeding 0.2% as well as numerous phenols, flavonoids, terpenes and fatty acids from the omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 group.

in lieu of Full Spectrum oils, isolate-based oils have a stimulating effect and provide the necessary dose of energy for the entire day.

The capacity of the syringe is 10 g.

relieves seizures . One of the best researched and documented benefits od CBD is its effect on the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures;

using hemp oils has a positive effect in treating acne ;

reduces nausea and reduces contractions of the small instestine, preventing nausea.

reduces spasms;

CBD is equally effective in working positively on anxiety attacks, paralyzing fear, chronic anxiousness, and exhausting thought train. It also has a positive effect on falling asleep.

mitigates symptoms of multiple sclerosis;

Natural Full Spectrum CBD paste – hemp extract closed in a syringe, is obtained from hemp inflorescences using supercritical CO2 extraction, which is one of the best methods for producing the purest and highest quality extracts. This kind of processing technology allows to keep all active ingredients, so the paste is 100% natural and contains optimal amount of biologically active substances, without pesticides and heavy metals.

CBD, officially cannabidiol , is one of the most well-known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Its healthful properties are widely described in numerous medical publications. The results have surprised many times the medical and pharmaceutical communities. Few of the most well-known properties are:

How does CBD work?

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