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View the lates training materials to keep you up-to-date about CBD and natural health.

I purchased 550mg of freeze gel Muscle Therapy this product apply to my biceps and the tops of my hands. About the same the relief last 3 to 4 hours with this particular product but would highly recommend it if I had to choose between pain medication and the CBD products I would choose to use because I don't get the loopy effects that you get from medication I would give them a 10 out of 10 I've also purchase the CBD full spectrum 1000mg drops for under your tongue they have two different products but can make whatever you need.

Our CBD Topical Collection range from gels, creams, lotions, massage oils, and salves that are infused with CBD concentrates that are applied directly to the skin.

Gels, Creams & Ointments.

This is my first purchase and I am so very impressed!! I heard about this company from a friend and I am so grateful to her for this!! The products arrived in a beautiful box and were wonderfully packed with care!! I can’t wait to shop again!! Thank you so much.

Purchased some CBD healing cream for my hands today. Have applied twice so far today and my hands feel great. I have bad eczema on my hands and I’m hoping this heals them quickly versus a steroid cream. Looking forward to some results!

Our oral CBD, CBN, and CBG Collection are Phyto Cannabinoid-rich, third-party tested, made with pure, simple, quality ingredients tailored for specific needs.

Our beauty and skincare line is designed to moisturize and protect your skin, with nurturing ingredients to make your skin soft and radiant.

Every time I call I am always treated respectful, delivery is always in a timely manner and that tracking thing is cool so you know how long before the driver arrives. is good for me because most days I move slow due to pain. Brian is the delivery guy I get and he is a gentleman always polite and respectful. Will continue to order from rebel.

Amazing CBD based products! Makes my skin feel great & the products smell amazing too!

Our Products.

CBD Skincare.

CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid revered for its ability to calm anxiety and settle nervous tension. Through a natural extraction process, CBD is isolated from the plant, without the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), allowing you to experience the calm, without the high. You can read more about CBD and it’s many wondrous properties here.

The Rebel Tea Club has created a refreshing blend of the finest teas and herbal flavours to create 5 fantastic, evening tea infusions.

Our range contains a mixture of pure and herbal tea varieties, all chosen for their distinctive flavours and beneficial characteristics. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and other essential properties, The Rebel Tea Club range has a flavour for every situation – whether you are simply looking to unwind, settle an anxious mind, sooth joint pain or overcome perpetual tiredness.



Rosehip & Hibiscus CBD Tea 20 bags £9.99.

Our range includes Rosehip & Hibiscus, Chamomile, Nettle & Peppermint, as well as Premium grade Black & Green Teas, all infused in CBD (Cannabidiol) for a naturally relaxing cuppa!

Beneficial Black CBD Tea 20 bags £11.99.

The Rebel Tea Club has been working closely with suppliers of high grade teas to identify a range of flavours that offer individual benefits to your wellbeing and truly calming qualities when infused with CBD.

Nettle & Peppermint CBD Tea 20 bags £9.99.

Our CBD Tea Range.

We’ve combined these uniquely beneficial ingredients with CBD to create a range of teas that aid wellbeing and offer a natural way to cope with the challenges of modern life. CBD tea is proven to help you wind down naturally, drowning out the rambunctious attack on our senses from social media, 24 hour rolling news and the ever increasing pressures of the daily grind.

Premium Green CBD Tea 20 bags £9.99.

Calming Chamomile CBD Tea 20 bags £9.99.

You don’t have to be a club member to experience The Rebel Tea Club range of teas. You can simply purchase the flavour or flavours of your choice and we’ll ship them to you straight away. However, membership does bring certain benefits, such as ongoing discounts, free gifts and being the first to experience our growing range as new flavours are released. To become a member simply select to receive your tea by monthly subscription at the checkout and you’ll start earning your benefits from day one. Each month you can change your order, try new flavours and add or remove items from your subscription as you see fit. There is no minimum limit on membership, so you can cancel whenever it suits you.