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Build your essential oil library with simply earth oils.

I get a Simply Earth essential oils subscription box in the mail every month and I LOVE trying out new DIY recipes. It’s also super handy that all the accessories and supplies you need are provided right with it! Follow my Instagram for monthly sneak peaks of the subscription box and how I make the essential oil recipes.

If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can place a return within a whole 365 days. Simply contact the company, and send back your product free of charge. The bottles must be unopened and undamaged to qualify for a full refund in form of a store credit. If there is shipping damage or other issues, submit photos.

One of the main slogans at Simply Earth reads: “ Make Your Home Natural “. While reviewing Simply Earth as a company, I found their focus to be a lot on “DIY”. They publish a lot of recipes on their blog, and are always good at providing how-to instructions. Of course this company motto is supported by the easy monthly recipe box that one can buy at Simply Earth.

Oil Recipe Box Sneak Peak.

Should you decide to stop your monthly essential oil boxes, you can easily cancel your subscription with Simply Earth. Over at, log in to your account and click “Manage Subscriptions”. You will see a “Cancel” button. After providing the needed details, click the green button to proceed with the cancellation of your subscription. If you’re having problems, you can reach Simply Earth Customer Service at [email protected]

Simply Earth sells:

This essential oil recipe recipe is for an Energy Synergy roller.

The Starter Kit: BIG BONUS BOX plus Monthly Recipe Box.

The reason for sourcing globally is easy: each plant has a natural habitat , a surrounding that it will flourish in best. Different plants thrive in different regions, climates, and soil conditions. Sourcing globally is the only way a company can sell a wide assortment of essential oils.

Learn more about Simply Earth’s Commitment to Quality.

Simply Earth essential oils are professionally packaged in amber glass bottles. This ensures greatest protection for the oil against damaging UV rays. If you purchase an oil from Simply Earth, know that it’s been handled with care and kept as fresh and potent as possible.

Simply Earth is a simple and refreshing company to deal with. You’ll notice many personal touches throughout their shopping experience. I especially enjoy their recipe making and recipe box un-boxing videos on their YouTube channel.

During my time with Simply Earth, I have definitely enjoyed their oil quality and consistency. I wouldn’t post a positive essential oils review if I wasn’t happy with the oil quality.

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The Monthly Subscription Box.

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“Loved from farm to bottle” is the motto at Simply Earth essential oils.

Each batch of essential oil purchased from a farm is tested to ensure 100% purity .

Their shop is complete with essential oil diffusers as well. You can also get extra bottles and labels should you need more aromatherapy supplies. They also sell a few select essential oil jewelry bracelets. The Simply Earth product line-up is made complete with some essential oil lover’s accessories that you might like for around the house, including wooden essential oil storage boxes or wool dryer balls.

This oil recipe box is an incredible value (over $150 in value), for only $39. It’ll let you create 6 natural DIY recipes each month without needing to buy supplies or containers or anything else extra. It even includes stickers to label your creations! And of course, you’ll never need the full 15 mL essential oil for your recipes. So you’re able to build up your essential oils library quite nicely, too!

If you need to order anything extra, or would like to try something new, you can definitely get decked out at Simply Earth! You won’t need to look anywhere else.

I have not yet heard a legitimate super negative review of this company. They take care of their customers, and I appreciate that. I personally like to do business with companies who I can “put a name to their face”. Simply Earth is definitely that for me.

How to Cancel your Subscription.

Simply Earth is a young, fun essential oil brand offering quality essential oils at a fair price . The company motto is to “be honest”, and “to help you make your home natural”. After testing their oils and reviewing their company, I can agree and say that this is true. It’s a simple, family-run essential oils business striving to help your home become more natural.

It’s almost like Simply Earth looks at essential oils like a craft. Mixing, blending, and making homemade beauty or cleaning products is part of the fun of the game. If crafts and DIY is part of what they’re passionate about, Simply Earth might just be a beautiful brand fit for you!

Ah, this is where the fun comes in! Simply Earth’s super fun, easy-to-use monthly recipe box of essential oils is a joy to receive in the mail . The program is easy! Once signed up, you’ll receive a surprise essential oil recipe box in the mail at the beginning of each month.

Last but not least, you can buy essential oil recipe DIY supplies such as beeswax, aloe very juice or gel, or shampoo & conditioner base for your home needs.

Simply Earth is an Essential Oil Company based out of Wisconsin.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the past recipes and things I’ve created and tried:

Simply Earth is an essential oils brand founded by Dustin Veldkamp and his partner Lee Veldkamp in 2015. The company headquarters are in Sheboygan Falls, WI and to this day, the brand is still privately held.

It will include:

Simply Earth was created because they wanted to solve a problem that was normally solved with chemically-laden products. While doing their research, they ended up finding a solution to their problem with a blend of essential oils. They quickly discovered that sourcing pure oils in bulk weren’t so expensive and it was actually affordable. They really wanted to create a way for people to stop overpaying for essential oils and create a natural home.

I have a review for you today! I am so excited to introduce you to Simply Earth and their August Essential Oil Recipe Box!

I have been using essential oils for years, but always had to find ways to use them on Pinterest because I couldn’t figure out what would smell good in my diffuser if I blended them together. With Simply Earth’s recipe boxes, they take the guessing and the searching element out of the game and provide you with 6 recipes you can make with the items in the box you receive each month. Trust me when I tell you, these recipe boxes are AMAZING and they give you everything you need!

Behind the scenes, the creation of the recipe box works like this:

Okay, onto the good stuff… Here’s more information about the August Essential Oil Recipes Box and what’s in it!

I couldn’t believe everything I received with the bonus box! There were so many products in there that would have cost me a fortune if I purchased them separately. They gave me everything I needed to actually make all of the recipes on the cards they provided. I was shocked! What other company does that?

Did you order your own box? I’d love to hear all about it. Click the Leave A Comment link at the bottom of this post and tell me more!

I needed to try these products out, so I quickly ran into my kitchen with the Fractionated Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend, and a roll-on bottle and made the Radiate Joy Roll-On. It took me less than 2 minutes to create and I was in love! This rollerball smells so good!

I am so lucky that Simply Earth allowed me to receive a free box to test out in exchange for this review and I will definitely be purchasing another box next month! Thank you Simply Earth.

When I got my August Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box and Bonus Box in the mail, I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to get it open and try out a recipe. I had read so many great things about Simply Earth on their website so I knew I was getting top-quality products and awesome recipes.

Let me tell you a little bit about Simply Earth.

Plus with your first box, you’ll get a Big Bonus Box worth $44.84— absolutely FREE!

Oh, before I forget, Simply Earth also provides you with so many resources on their website like a super easy-to-use dilution chart, an essential oil course, and so much more!

Just to let you know, I did receive this box for free from Simply Earth in exchange for this blog post and a review. This post also includes affiliate links. Read my disclaimer here.

The August Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box is a box designed to help you make your facial care routine toxin-free! You don’t need to put chemicals on your face to be beautiful and you can make your own toxin-free recipes using essential oils.

This box is complete with 4 full-size essential oils + 6 natural recipes + some fun extras for only $39!

If you wanted to add more natural products in your home (especially during this pandemic), you should definitely check out Simply Earth and buy their next essential oil box. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

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