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Each pack is made using a careful balance of pure CBD, Organic sunflower lecithin and our Rescue Blend™ formulation – the cleanest, pesticide-free honey from the bees we’ve helped rescue. This convenient packaging touts our new snap and squeeze technology, preventing the product from leaking and providing a longer shelf-life stability. The protective layers of the packaging shield the CBD and Honey from degradation due to oxidation and sunlight, preserving the efficacy of the CBD and keeping the honey delicious and fresh until you’re ready to enjoy. This pack is the perfect travel companion!

Honey is known for its anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of its anti-oxidant properties, every organ in your body can absorb it, including your skin. Honey is the optimal energy source for a deep sleep cycle and recovery at night. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can stabilize your blood sugar, making it optimal after a workout. Also, honey is absolutely delicious – you can add the CBD honey to your tea and coffee.

Our Snap Packs are perfectly formulated to include 20mg of CBD. You can snap and eat it straight from the pack or add the CBD honey to your tea, coffee, or anything else you’d like to sweeten!

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