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When you join our Affiliate Program, you will have access to a range of banners and unique tracking links that can be placed within your website, blog, social media posts or email. When a user clicks on one of those links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by the Rakuten platform. For each sale made through your links, a commission will be earned based on your commission level.

Soul CBD is a brand that is dedicated to the pursuit of relief and better living, powered by CBD. Our wellness philosophy is founded on the principles of transparency, quality, and efficacy. Our products are organically grown in the U.S.A., contains zero THC, gluten-free, third party lab tested and most importantly, can help alleviate discomfort, stress, anxiousness and trouble sleeping.

As an affiliate, you can earn money promoting and driving sales for SOUL CBD. Commissions start at 10% of all sales generated by the links you place on your website or social media posts.

“When a chronic illness threatened my career as a pro boxer, I had to look beyond traditional remedies to keep performing at my best. What I found was CBD and the inspiration to start Soul.” – Mike Lee, Founder.

“As an entrepreneur and certified nutritionist, I know the toll stress can take on your body and mind. With Soul, I’m so excited to share the same CBD-based solutions that have helped me relax and stay on track.” – Angie Lee, Founder.

How Does It Work?

-Commissions start at 10% of sales. -All sales you make are tracked for 30 days. -Payments are made monthly net 30 for the previous month.

How Much Do I Get Paid and When?

Welcome to the Soul CBD affiliate program. Soul CBD is organically grown in the U.S.A., contains zero THC, gluten free, third party lab tested and most importantly, can help alleviate discomfort, stress, anxiousness, and trouble sleeping. Our mission is to provide people and pets with the highest quality, all natural solutions for discomfort, anxiousness, inflammation, sleep, digestion, and overall health to thrive in their daily lives.

Company Info: Thrive 1023 LLC 8201 Woodley Ave Van Nuys, CA 91406.

Unparalleled purity quality: Soul CBD states that it ensures exceptional purity quality by farming on the rich and fertile Kentucky soil and maintaining exclusive harvesting and processing techniques. This process, as described by the producer, ensures the creation of high-quality products for users. Another thing is that Soul CBD products are gluten and GMO-free.

A: You are advised to store it in a dry, cool place and avoid storing them in areas with direct sunlight for a long duration.


Relief CBD Cream.

Soul CBD is one of the most popular and top-class CBD brands in the market; this is due to its qualities, numerous benefits offered, and top-notch characteristics that make it outstanding in the industry. Below are some of the features of Soul CBD.

Soul CBD creation was birthed by an autoimmune disease problem, ankylosing spondylitis, which battered Mike’s life and almost terminated his career. After spending more than two years in and out of the hospital with various treatments and medications, Mike eventually resorted to natural alternatives since the former could not improve his health. The natural options search found Mike trying CBD, which helped improve his physical and mental conditions.

THC-Free: The major problem associated with using the hemp plant is the presence of THC, which infuses psychoactive effects in people. While some brands include a small amount of THC in their product, Soul says its CBD products contain zero THC.

Third-party testing: Soul CBD ensures that reliable third-part labs test its products for transparency and optimum purity. This test helps to validate the purity, quality, and authenticity of the products.

There are numerous CBD brands in the market, and to be factual, they are not of the same quality. Some CBD brands are full of lip services and overblown with unrealistic benefits they cannot offer; hence it is essential to choose the right one. Soul CBD is one of the exceptional CBD brands in the industry. The brand claims to ensure quality control, adherence to the standard, and optimum transparency in its production processes. Soul promises one of the finest CBD products by using US-organically farmed hemp, and its products are gluten and GMO-free and third-party tested for transparency. Soul CBD contains no psychoactive compound THC, and it comes in different flavors that make it very delicious and easy to use. Soul CBD products purportedly serve as a remedy for body pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, nausea, digestion problem, heartburn, and others.

There are also Soul CBD travel packs that you can quickly insert into your bag.

Q: What differentiates the 1500mg bottles from the 500mg bottles?

The tinctures are portable and convenient to carry about in your purse or bag so that you can use them anywhere and anytime. The price of Soul CBD oil drops ranges from $62 to $153.

Mike and Angie created Soul to help people get relief from pains and live better lives with the power of CBD. This brand maintains transparency, quality, and efficacy and uses natural and organically-grown-in-the-USA hemp for its products. The two say all of their products are tested by a third-party lab.

A: The 1500mg Soul cannabidiol (CBD) bottle is three times more powerful and effective than the 500mg bottles. You will get more CBD concentration and bang from the 1500mg CBD bottles than the 500mg CBD bottles.

If you are a fan of CBD oil, you can opt for the Soil CBD Oil Drops, which comprises over 99% CBD isolate hemp and MCT oils for optimum concentration and absorption. The tinctures are available in 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg versions with CBD isolate. This product is available in four tasty flavors: Orange, Lemon Lime, Peppermint, and Watermelon Mint, making you enjoy it better.

Q: How can I store my tincture?

Soul also produces CBD that allows you to better the health of your pet.

The CBD Bath Bombs contains a blend of essential oils, dead sea salts, and CBD, formulated together to help combat and soothe your muscles aches and stress. It helps improve your bath experience, granting you a sense of calmness and boosting relaxation. It contains a 35mg concentration of CBD isolate.

To offer users a wide range of benefits and flexibility, Soul CBD offers different formulas that can be used for various purposes. Below are some of the CBD products of Soul.

A: Soul tinctures have a shelf life of two years.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the extracts of cannabis but with no THC (psychoactive effect). CBD is now widely discussed worldwide and used by many with health issues in recent years. This is because of the health benefits CBD offers. Men and women facing anxiety, pain, stress are now turning to CBD to remedy their problems.