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If you’re after fishbowl margaritas and the flavours of Mexico, Taco Bill on Russell Street in the Melbourne CBD ticks all the boxes. This casual and welcoming spot is part of the well-known Taco Bill chain which has been serving Mexican and Tex-Mex classics to Aussies for quite some time now with roots dating back to 1966. Their menu is chock-a-blocked with dishes you’ll want to try like tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, nachos, burritos and of course their signature fajitas. You can find the Taco Bill Russell Street branch in a convenient Melbourne CBD location, a short stroll from both Parliament House and Bourke Street Mall.

The new eatery – Taco Bell’s fifth in NSW – is setting up shop in Green Square’s Infinity by Crown precinct, otherwise known as the mesmerising looped building on Botany Road that has a hole pierced straight through the middle. It’s right above Green Square Station, making it an easy taco-seeking journey from the inner-city and CBD.

Taco Bell, which was founded in California in 1962, relaunched in Australian in 2017, following two failed attempts in the ’80s and ’90s. Its latest attempt saw it begin with a raft of eateries in Queensland, before launching in the Newcastle suburb of Jesmond, followed up with a few more outposts in NSW and Victoria. Since relaunching in NSW it’s served more than 580,000 customers and sold more than 617,000 tacos – its most popular item.

Just two weeks ago, Broadsheet reported that US Cali-Mexican fast-food giant Taco Bell was slated to open its closest diner to Sydney’s CBD yet. And now we have a date: Taco Bell Green Square will launch next Tuesday, May 4.

When the store opens next Tuesday, Taco Bell will be giving away merchandise (including oversized-taco hats and fire-sauce socks). There’ll be a music kiosk and a graffiti mural by local artist Simon Murray. Taco Bell Green Square will have seating for 30 diners and a dedicated pick-up window for delivery drivers.

In Australia, Taco Bell is run by New Zealand fast-food group Restaurant Brands. There are currently 21 Taco Bell stores in Australia; by 2024 the company intends to have more than 60 Taco Bell outlets in Australia and NZ. Its next NSW diner is slated to open in Tamworth later this year.

Taco Bell Green Square will be at 305 Botany Road, Zetland, and open daily from 10am–10pm.

“The guy at the cannabis place said — because there’s a section for seniors — ‘two will make you feel good.’ So I said, ‘I really want to feel fabulous,'” Crystal told host Jimmy Fallon.

Crystal told Fallon it wasn’t just Taco Bell he had a hankering for. He also told the MRI tech he wouldn’t mind getting some “gumbo or Nutella french toast” delivered into the hospital, probably because he was experiencing the common food cravings people can get after consuming weed.

Crystal said his doctor recommended he get an MRI after he experienced “strange pain” in his hip, possibly from a workout. During an MRI, people typically lay in or place a body part inside a piece of narrow tube-shaped equipment.

Because he’s “very claustrophobic” and was “really nervous” about the procedure, he decided to get some weed gummies to calm himself before it.

Billy Crystal said he ate too many weed edibles and asked for fast food 30 minutes into an MRI.

Crystal isn’t alone in miscalculating how many edibles he needed to help him feel less nervous during his MRI.

Crystal explained that after he had changed into his hospital gown and the medical team had put color dye in his hip (to help with clearer imaging during the MRI), he ate four of the cannabis edibles, although he didn’t specify the dosage of THC or CBD in each of them.

The “Princess Bride” actor recounted his unusual medical experience during an appearance on Wednesday’s “The Tonight Show.”

“About half-hour in, I got really hungry,” Crystal recalled. “So I squeezed the thing and he goes, ‘Are you okay, Mr. Crystal?’ I said, ‘Yeah, yeah. Is there a Taco Bell?'”

The actor added that he did eventually get nachos at Taco Bell after he was done with the MRI — but not before he accidentally walked out of the medical building without changing out of his gown and exposing his backside to everyone.

Insider health reporter Julia Naftulin previously wrote that because edibles have varying levels of CBD and THC, finding the right dosage can be tricky. Dr. Rachna Patel, a medical marijuana physician, told Naftulin that people new to edibles should take about 4.25 milligrams of CBD if they are anxious (like Crystal), and use even less if the edible also contains THC.

According to Crystal, once he was inside the MRI machine, he was “listening to a little Bill Evans” and had a button he could press to get in touch with the MRI technologist to ask for help.

The cannabis plant contains both THC (the chemical that makes you feel “high”) and CBD (which has no psychoactive effects, unlike THC). While the THC in weed and edibles can make people feel good and gives temporary relief from pain, it can also make your heart race and cause social anxiety.