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Planning for Stage 3 is underway, with preliminary designs expected to be completed by December 2022. The third stage of the bikeway will connect the path from Hi Winds Road to John French VC Bridge.

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Stage 2 finished detailed design in September 2021 and will connect Toowoomba Christian College to Hi Winds Road. This stage of the bikeway is proposed to follow the New England Highway.


Design of Highfields Bikeway – Stage 3 is expected to be completed by mid-2023.

Funding has been announced under the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program 2021-22 to 2024-25 for the planning and preliminary design of stage 3. The third stage of the bikeway will consider options to connect the path from Hi Winds Road into Toowoomba with preliminary designs expected to be completed by mid-2023.

Highfields Bikeway—Stage 1 was $12.2 million (Investment ID 11603, QTRIP 2020-21 to 2023-24) Highfields Bikeway—Stage 2 planning and design is $880,000 (Investment ID 1566603) Highfields Bikeway—Stage 3 planning is $470,000 (Investment ID 1977221)

Construction of Highfields Bikeway – Stage 1 was completed in December 2020.

Construction was taking place to connect Dwyer Street and McShane Drive over the John French VC bridge.

Design of Highfields Bikeway – Stage 2 is currently underway and will be completed in September 2021.

Current status.

The new bikeway is a priority location under the Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017-2027 .

Construction of stage 1 of the bikeway is complete and residents of Highfields can enjoy a new active experience these holidays with the cycleway now open for use. We ask motorists and riders to exercise patience and caution while all users get used to the new bikeway.

Community consultation is beginning for Highfields Bikeway – Stage 2 which will extend the path from Toowoomba Christian College to Hi Winds Road. Initially the directly impacted stakeholders will be consulted, then the wider community will be invited to comment. This stage of the project is currently not funded for construction.

Planning had also begun for the more challenging bikeway section between Toowoomba Christian College and Hi Winds Road, however it is not currently funded for construction.

Key features.

The Highfields Bikeway project involves delivering a bikeway connecting Highfields to Toowoomba to provide a safer and more accessible active transport option.

Formal community consultation period has closed for stage 2.

The Highfields bikeway will be built in several stages. Construction of stage 1 of the bikeway was completed in December 2020 and installed a 3m wide, 2-lane path from Mitchell Road to Toowoomba Christian College and a connection from McShane Drive, Mt Kynoch, to Dwyer Street, Harlaxton.

Initial consultation is now open for Stage 3 of the Highfields Bikeway, from Hi Winds Road to John French VC Bridge. Consultation will close on 30 October 2021. The second round of community consultation will be held in March and April 2022.

There is no funding for the construction of stages 2 and 3 at this time.

Enhancing Toowoomba’s reputation as a fast-growing region, the CBD and Railway Parklands Priority Development Area (PDA) have recently attracted over $850 million worth of investment in over 40 projects from both the public and private sectors. This includes a $500 million investment by the Queensland Investment Corporation in Grand Central Shopping Centre.

The CBD and PDA are home to a wide range of historic, heritage and character buildings, providing significant opportunities for building repurposing, including for inner-city living and shop-top living conversions.

Christmas/ New Year operating hours To let our staff celebrate the season and spend time with family and friends we will close or reduce hours over the Christmas and New Year period. The Christmas / New Year working hours for all services we provide can be found in our Christmas hours article.

Our investments add to the enjoyment and walkability of the CBD, with both visitors and residents enjoying connections to parks and walking trails.

The growth in visitor numbers to the CBD is supporting the investment, and growth in short-stay accommodation. These ongoing investments support the retail and night-time economies. A prime example is the July 2020 opening of the new 104-room Oaks Hotel in the heart of the CBD.

Our CBD is fast becoming a destination for residents and visitors alike, with a growing café scene and vibrant laneway culture. Within the CBD there is a range of venues and precincts for retail, entertainment and dining. With our support, First Coat Studios has facilitated over 100 large-scale public artworks across the CBD. First Coat’s Block Parties will continue the Festival legacy, maintaining our outdoor gallery.

The Toowoomba CBD plays a significant role as a regional centre across south-west Queensland and northern New South Wales as a provider of government, business, retail, health, education and related services.