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The hybrid VCDC is a cannabis strain that received 1st place in the 2015 SoCal Medical Cup for top CBD flower. This hybrid produces buds that are shaped like foxtails that are a deep green in color with a layer of fuzzy white trichomes.

VCDC’s THC levels aren’t as popular as its CBD levels. The percentages of THC to CBD ratio at 1:20. This strain has the ability to crush physical ailments, numbing them and creating a state of euphoria in the consumer. Racing thoughts come to a halt, and the high warms while relaxing. Some reviewers have commented on this strain’s capacity to reduce inflammation and mental stressors, calming the mind as well.

With VCDC, not very many ill side-effects are reported since the psychedelic agent THC is so low in this strain.

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Its aroma is of fruits like citrus and berries with an earthy tinge. The taste is of cherries and sugared citrus.

VCDC receives its name from combining the names of its genetics: from the hybrid ACDC and Viper City OG.


VCDC Marijuana Strain.

Yeah i agree with both oldest reviews exactly.

One of my new favorites. Nice dense buds – great body high, and just enough of a buzz to help you forget your troubles and let yourself melt away. Doesn't last as long as I'd like, but can't really complain considering it was among the cheapest indicas in the dispensary.

THC: 1%, CBD: 20 %

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I was stoked to try this after finding out it was an ACDC descendant. You can really see why it took home first at the medical cup in 2015 – it completely melts away EVERYTHING and I really mean EVERYTHING. My tension in my neck was completely gone and I didn't get any shooters through my back like I do on occasion. VCDC is definitely on my list of must-haves from here on out.

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