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Much better actually, has star ratings and individual reviews.

Haven't been on this sub in a bit and noticing that the list of cetted companies seems to have disappeared. Am I missing something?

It was an affiliate program to make the mods money. Reddit does not allow selling anything anymore. I always found the phrase "vetted" as slightly disingenuous. Its more "probably not a total scam and they pay us".

Reddit does not allow it on site. It is now hosted at TheCBD.Place.

Yeah I much prefer that site. Glad to see it actually caused some good out of it. And props to the makers of it, it was a great idea.

Some of the rules have changed and we are trying to limit discussion of sourcing on the subreddit. I know its important when it comes to CBD, so we set up a community resource for you to use with everything related to CBD, including the important stuff. You can use it for the vetted list and information. The website is, Enjoy! This is a bot, if this is off topic please ignore!

This is where they are. Mods run that site and took their due dilligence off reddit. Still the same process and same people.

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I started using my military background to help provide consulting on government regulations for shops and caretakers. In a nutshell, I would review all the laws and requirements, and then tell the companies – hey you need to fix this, add that, and remove that thing over there its a liability.

Business must be operating for over 1 year.

Timely customer service.

Required 3rd party lab results, PER BATCH, publically available.

For the past 2 years companies have reached out left and right to apply to be on our list, but we like to keep it short and sweet, here's why:

The vetting process will end after we have 25 companies selected.

EDIT: Please do not send me a chat request. DM or comment only, please.

I assure you, there will be no WalMart/CVS cbd on this list. It will be mostly made in America, organically, cared for by hand (see all those farm pics on our subreddit? That's what I'm talking about. Quality medicine).

I've consulted with the Thailand government on the production of hemp farms and CBD processing during the last 6 months. (hence my absence plus I also run another tech startup.)

I started working on a CBD standard and industry group in 2014. Due to the early stage of diverse differences in laws across every other state, this was ultimately too hard to achieve.

In house processing equipment (converting the plant into CBD)

No foreign sourced hemp.

Preferred high CBD strain on-site production (aka no outsourcing for foreign hemp)

I was the first whistleblower behind DiamondCBD lacing their 'cbd' products with deadly illegal drugs like 5f-ADB, and hired forensics analysis certified by the judicial courts of California as an expert witness, to test, analysis, and report DiamondCBD to the proper authorities (FBI, DEA, FDA).

We have a multi-page document where we go into specifics and EVERY company has to fill this document out, as well as, provide proof of all legal documentation such as permits, certificates, and proof of insurance.

I hope this shows that I am qualified in the realm of CBD, CBD production, CBD logistics, CBD legality, which helps me to provide a list of companies who are actually making quality CBD right.

That means the 25 companies must provide the HIGHEST quality CBD, at the best prices, in an effective manner. We will be including some flower vendors as well on our new list. And no, you do not need to have an affiliate program in order to make this list.

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