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December 15, 2021 By admin Off

EVERY company pushing water base I’ve seen so far compared it to edibles and says something like “it’s 90% bioavailability and regular CBD is 6%. ” Sooo picking the absolute best and worst case scenarios and not even using comparable products.

I sell 100% more regular 600mg for 23 dollars less (38% of $59..) and recommend a 20mg dose.

It’s also cost 60% more to reflect that. And brands lower the dosage by 100% to offset that cost. And then charge the same or way more.

Would someone please tell me which is better? I’ve been researching oil soluble CBD vs water soluble CBD products and was wondering which is more bioavailable or effective. Also, would it be different in a tincture vs. edible. Thanks!

Put it like this. a major brand sells 300mg waterbase for $59 and recommends a 10ml dose.

It’s only suitable for special applications in my opinion, for sublinguals, it’s a wash at best and a horrible ripoff at worst.

But. the lab says it’s about 60% more bioavailability. no that doesn’t mean it’s 100% bioavailability.

Don’t even need to get into it that for $20 less than their 600mg I sell 1800mg.

So. how fucking bio available do they think this shit is? Give me a fucking break. For sublingual I see zero benefit unless it was the same cost, same mg. Ok, then maaaaybe you have something there.

I give it credit and have some special applications I want to use it for but it’s really cost prohibitive and not worth it outside of that.

I’m relatively new to the CBD world and got started with American Shaman’s Water Soluble Natural. It’s full spectrum, works amazingly well and actually tastes good.. but it’s very pricey. I pay $65 for 30 ml and it goes fast.

I’m not sure if it’s the full spectrum or the water solubility that makes American Shaman’s work so well so would love to hear some firsthand experiences on what’s worked best for you.

I’m curious if anyone has any alternatives to recommend? I tried a straight hemp oil that was much less expensive but it not only tastes foul, it doesn’t work as well.

Edit: I’m switching to try NuLeaf Naturals as the quality and ratio is much better than the American Shaman. Thanks for the tips.